Sub-domain or sub-folder?

Sub-domains such as look prettier than but in fact, the consensus from the web community is generally that having everything under one domain is considered best practices for increasing page rank, but that sub domains are gaining consideration

That might change in the future. Google changes its algorithm often.

Blogs are a great way to bring exposure to what you do.

If you own a real estate firm, you want a blog where you share information that prospective buyers and sellers want. For instance, information about different communities in the area, the school system, the closing process, how to find an undervalued asset, etc.

Is it better to have multiple blogs or one blog with a bunch of categories?

It is probably better to have multiple niche-focused blogs than one blog where you are trying to write about a bunch of unrelated stuff.

The more high page rank articles you have under one roof, the better, but youre going to be too all over the place and people, once they come to your site need to be aware of what you do. Convey that message concisely. You’ll also notice you post more when you have specific blogs that focus on specific niche audiences.

If you write press releases with focused keywords that you want to rank, you will get recognized by google. This does take time. You also want to try to leverage high page rank sources.

The higher the page rank of the site that gives you a back link, the better for your site.

Make sure you don’t have duplicate content on multiple sites. People used to have scripts running that would just duplicate content on multiple domain names to increase content on the web. Google caught on quick to that and now looks down upon it.

Forums are huge as well. This is how we started out at

We would write interesting articles that we knew would go viral on forums.

For instance, The 50 Most Jacked NFL Players. We wrote articles that would go viral on Soon, Sports Illustrated picked up the article. Once you get on the first page of google for an organic search of a pretty popular term, you’ll get thousands of page views every month for years. Pick specific forums that have a lot of visitors and create several usernames promoting some articles. On prominent sites, you’ll get banned if all you do is post links, so be sure to interact with the visitors and talk about other stuff unrelated to your site or business.

Get to work!

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