So are mistakes are a part of life?


We learn a lot from mistakes.

But, does that mean we should make mistakes or that we shouldn’t view our mistakes as mistakes, and we should be grateful we made the mistake?

In one word, no.

When we make a mistake, we learn a lot of wisdom.

But our time is spent reflecting on the mistake and what we could have done to correct it, process how we’ll act differently in the future, and how we could be better as human beings.

When you break it down, we can only have one thought at a time.

The highest thought is that of G-d’s.
Our mission is to align our thoughts as best with infinite intelligence – to make them as pure as possible.

When you don’t make mistakes, do you obtain wisdom?
Of course you do!
So you if you never make the mistake, you receive wisdom and keep progressing.
The time we spend reflecting on the mistake could have been used to receive wisdom to progress, not get back to where you should be.

With that being said, we all do make mistakes. Plenty of them. Our thoughts are not pure. None of us are perfect. But keep doing your best to follow the straight path and don’t rationalize your behavior as being good for you when it, in reality, wasn’t.

It’s certainly better to spend your time reflecting on your mistake than making the mistake and not acknowledging it, but there is still a better way – don’t make the mistake in the first place.

That means, following the highest thought you have at each moment and not letting your ego get in the way of it because you ‘think you know better’.

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