This is for the nervous, erratic types. If you ever saw the movie Shooter with Mark Wahlberg, there’s one scene that laser printed itself in my mind.

Here it is:

What a great line. So what does “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” mean? In this case, it means that if you rush and you miss, think how much longer it will take to reload and fire up again. Think how much time you waste with every shot you miss.

When we are nervous we think that rushing will make us more efficient. Wrong. Breathe and slow it down! If you rush, you waste more time. Remember the phrase: “haste makes waste”? These sayings don’t exist for nothing.

Slow down your motions and movement. When you are searching for your keys and you lose them, we often go into panic mode and then we spend 15 minutes looking for them by running all over the house. We could have spent 20 seconds to just calm down and slowly reach in all of our pockets. If they aren’t there, think where you left them.

I had an investment trader as a client and he was an erratic type guy. He would view time as his enemy. I made him repeat this phrase to himself over and over again to rewire his brain about how he thought about time. The result was he was more efficient at trading. When you are in panic mode and you think you have to be super fast, you actually perform worse and you waste more time. It’s very interesting how the brain works. Slow things down, and you’ll perform much better.


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