I share ideas with you through the lens of my personal experience. When you break spiritual law, you get downgraded spiritually. However, it usually doesn’t hit immediately. There’s a lag effect until you get ‘punished’ for it. You have time to play ‘catch up’ so to speak. If you recognize your mistake right away and you are on your ‘best behavior’ in the eyes of G-d, then you grant yourself the ability to be redeemed.

When you get downgraded spiritually, it’s an illusion in the sense that you think everything is ok…but in reality, your life will not be as smooth as if you had not broken that spiritual law.

There’s a notable difference between natural law and spiritual law. Natural law is less strict. You can “live” doing many immoral things, but is it what’s expected of you?

Be on your best behavior in life, and good behavior is predicated on treating others the way G-d wants them to be treated by you, not for the sake of being afraid of punishment, but because you love doing good.

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