Watch this to understand the idea of entanglement and that we are all interconnected:

POWERFUL STUFF with some science and visuals in case you’re skeptical like me.

This illustrates my point that the world is our mirror. What we truly feel in our heart is what we see. Whether this life is a simulation or not, what we focus on changes as we change and the people/opportunities we attract becomes different.

The principle of resonance states that something will always adjust to the higher frequency. Just like a tuning fork changes the string on a piano, we as humans act the same way. We attract the people in our lives for a reason, and even if you don’t match up with someone and they are a negative influence, they are just a dark part of you that you have yet to rip out. That frequency is still in you so you will only raise your frequency by turning the fear based darkness into a love based true light. So, there is really no such thing as negative people who bring you down. You must rip out that part of you completely before you will no longer attract these people.

The mirrors that I am talking about are so subtle though that we don’t realize that we do the same things that we get bothered by.

Let’s say someone around you does something you don’t like. I’m willing to bet it’s because you still do it here and there or you crave it inside. It’s a part of you that you don’t like about yourself. When you truly rip that side out of you, you feel empathy for the person rather than wanting to push them away. As you grow, these people don’t even cross paths with you in your life. You are at a different level of life and you need to learn a different lesson with higher stakes. Higher frequency people will teach you those new lessons. This is how we grow as a society. This universe is SO INTRICATELY DESIGNED.

When I stopped going out on the weekends and drinking, I stopped attracting people who drank alcohol. However, this did not happen initially. In the beginning, people actually enticed me to do it more because they can sense it’s not a part of you that’s fully adopted. However, when I fully moved past the idea of wanting a sip, then it became a non-issue and no one asked and I attracted different people. If you are trying to give up something and you are counting the days, it’s not a formed habit and you’re just one slip up away from falling into your old habits. It has to become a part of your core, adopted by your heart as Gregg Braden eloquently illustrates.

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