Let’s explore the ego. My relationship lesson on Looking for Sex was understanding the difference between a negative frequency such as lust and a positive frequency such as love.

I might lose you here if you haven’t really progressed with me throughout all my videos and posts.

The universe is built on a system of laws that ultimately comes down to light. There’s negative energy in this world and positive energy.

The battle I believe the world is in down here and in the “heavens” I suppose if you want to call it that, is between the ego being a tool for progression or not.

There’s false light or darkness which is an ego construct or an identity based on impurity and there’s positive light which is a pureness. I gave the example of lust being a negative form of energy that keeps you in a fear based frequency.

Like I say it’s a 50/50 world. Now there’s a deep reason G-d gave you an ego. The ego takes you places. It’s like a car. You can use the car as a weapon or as a helpful device to take you somewhere. The ego is VERY powerful and you must learn to control it.

Having all of your ego is being 100% selfish. Removing your ego completely would mean that you are 100% selfless. Like I say, almost all truth lies in the middle. You cannot just be selfless. That would mean you don’t protect yourself. Life is a balancing act between being in the middle of being perfectly selfish and selfless.

We are all unique and we are all supposed to leave our unique gifts on the world. Your self interests are important. Removing those is just as stupid as hurting others to satisfy yourself.

The idea is to manage your ego to push you and the world to greater heights, but acting only in the morally right way which would be something along the lines of the categorical imperative as Immanuel Kant talks about. There are some holes in it, but act in a way that you would want everyone to act. It’s easy to see flaws on other people. Just use that as a guide as to what you should clean up, but I promise you that you are only recognizing those flaws because you do the exact things yourself.

So the reason why I say that the world is in this battle is because everything in life is a means to promoting the ego or removing it.

I am still exploring this concept on a deep level. I grow just like you do, so bear with me as I try to piece the deepest puzzles of this universe together.

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