Many people have a limiting belief that they carry around their head about wealthy, successful people. We live in a society where people try to downplay what it is to be wealthy. We rationalize that we are doing all that we can and that we live in a “fixed” society. The limiting belief I am talking about is ‘wealthy people are born wealthy’ or ‘they were lucky’.

The world is your mirror. If you don’t think wealth is in direct correlation to successful habits of driven people, then you are planting a seed where you will go against the grain of those habits. Why? You don’t want to earn money because you feel you won’t be respected. Do you see the mirror I’m talking about? What you see in other people you will see in yourself. You want to be respected and staying where you are is the story that will allow you to “keep your morals”.

Maybe you should start a new philosophy. Start showing some respect to your fellow men and women who do work hard to acquire their wealth and not to assume and cookie cutter people that they all take advantage or that they were born into wealth. Many wealthy people keep and grow their wealth not because they were born into it and people in poverty weren’t – much of it has to do with mindset and the subconscious questions we ask ourselves about how we can grow what we do have. Much of it will fall back on education. Last time I checked, the library was free.

Mike Tyson made $500 million in his career. Where is the money now? I’m telling you that you can make a lot of money in your life. Keeping it is not as easy, so the argument that you need to be rich to get rich is completely flawed. Just because you are on a perch, doesn’t mean you will stay on a perch.

Socialism is a completely flawed concept. The value of a human life is 100% equal. The habits of an individual are not equal. We need to reward healthy habits which include working hard, stepping into unknown fears, and a life of progression as opposed to stagnation.

Some people have it harder than others, no doubt. You can complain about “the system” or you can work a little harder and change what opportunities you focus on. Do you go for the $20 job or the risky $100,000 deal? Define what you want in life, and model and mirror the habits of people who have what you want. You may be surprised to find out what their habits are like. They think differently. So the questions you should be asking yourself is “why do they think differently?”. “What is it about their upbringing that allowed them to think like this?”

From my years of studying people and behaviors, I know that it’s the story they tell themselves on a subconscious level. The question you should be asking yourself is “how do I tell myself the same story that successful people are telling themselves?”. You will find answers, my friends. The idea that people are born into an environment out of luck is flawed as well, I believe. I believe we are who we see ourselves as. That’s for another post. That’s some deep talk.

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