Have you ever been to sleep? I’m going to assume your answer is ‘yes’. Has your mind ever completely shut down and went to sleep though?

We know how crucial sleep is. That’s nothing new. We know that our bodies go through physiological processes which allow us to ‘regenerate’. But how often do we consider the moments right before bed?

First off, let me start out by setting up some definitions. The idea of CONSCIOUSNESS can mean many things to many people, even in the scientific community. For ease of understanding, I will be describing here just two types of consciousness.

The word conscious will be considered to be the state in which you are in control of your thoughts and your surroundings; in other words: being aware.

The word unconscious will be used to describe the state in which you are unaware; you do not have control of your thought processes.

So then, many of us know (all too well) just how conscious we are during the moments before bed. You see, we tend to utilize these moments… to the worst of our ability. The moments before entering a sleep state are so crucial, because that is when our conscious mind goes to sleep and our unconscious mind wakes up. This is a time where our once conscious thoughts are ‘sealed’ into our unconscious mind; they become a part of our core beliefs. Before sleep, when we think about the names we were called earlier that day, the illness that the doctor diagnosed us with, the bills that are coming in, the girlfriend or boyfriend that won’t speak to us, and the employee evaluation coming up in a few days, we are setting ourselves up for disaster.

How can you expect anything positive to come out of a completely negative mindset, let alone one that is engraved upon us during our only time of rest and regeneration? How exactly do you expect to regenerate after allowing thoughts like those to flourish?

Now, we aren’t even getting into the act of dreaming here. That is a separate topic almost. We are simply touching upon the idea of those precious moments prior to bedtime.

Instead of focusing on all of the problems in your life before drifting off, you should be formulating a mental blueprint which defines the outcome which you wish to achieve. As you meditate, consciously consider the opportunities which you are so grateful for (which will simply allow you to shift into a positive mindset). Try to draw up an image of the exact outcomes that you are hoping for (of course, action must be applied to any idea, otherwise ‘hope’ is all you have).

For example, if your biggest issue at the moment is related to a large medical bill that you have no way of paying, throw that belief to the side. That ‘belief’ I am referring to is that you ‘cannot pay’ such a bill. You ‘do not’ have that type of money. Throw those beliefs in the trash. Develop the imagery of the bill being paid off. Just picture yourself signing the check. Hear the sound of the pen scratching down the dollar amount. Taste the glue as you seal the envelope shut, with the check in it to be mailed. FEEL THE FEELING OF THAT BILL BEING PAID OFF. Don’t consider how, it doesn’t matter. Once you make the conscious decision to do something, your unconscious mind will be well suited to take the necessary actions. The ‘how’ will come later.

If you can turn these negative thoughts into positive ones before going to sleep, if you can change your nighttime rituals, if you can create the feeling of your wishes being fulfilled, you are going to be very likely to make an extraordinary change in your happiness simply by influencing your unconscious mind.

Your mind is powerful. But you own it.

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