Should we allow less-established countries of the world to have weapons of mass destruction? The argument is if we are allowed to have these weapons, why shouldn’t they be allowed to. There’s just one slight issue here! These are countries that have not proved their worth to be able to handle the dangers along with the benefits. It’s like allowing an intern to have the same privileges of a CEO of an established Fortune 500 Company with thousands of jobs at stake. Take a look at the difference between South Korea and North Korea. Built on the same land. One is thriving, the other is a desert land disaster.

“Following the 1953 armistice ending the Korean War, per-capita income in South Korea rose to about 17 times the per-capital income level of North Korea, according to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Worldwide, South Korea ranks 12th in electricity production, and 10th in electricity consumption, per 2011 estimates. North Korea ranks 71st in electricity production, and 73rd in electricity consumption, per 2009 estimates.”

Go here to see differences in quality of life:

The main premise we must understand is that evil does exist in the world, whether we want to believe it or not. Most want to work and create, but not everyone has this strand of DNA, unfortunately. Christopher Nolan put it best in Batman: The Dark Knight. Christian Bale cannot, for the life of him, figure out the Joker. He turns to the all-knowing butler and Michael Caine delivers a raw story about a guy in a village, ending it with the brilliant line: “some people just want to watch the world burn”. You are setting yourself up for disaster if you don’t think people will steal from you, lie to your face, etc. Evil does exist in the world and there are people who will purposefully leach, take advantage, and even have a mission to kill! Yes, KILL for no reason at all because they feel like they need to. I can assure you G-d doesn’t want you killing anyone, unless when faced with self defense (different from preemptive attack). This is one of the most basic Noahide laws there is, yet people in this world do believe that a higher power is ordering them to wreak havoc.

Givers have to draw lines in this world, because takers don’t know where those lines are. You must put up walls. Those walls don’t have to be concrete, but you only take down the walls when people prove their worth, not wait for them to screw up and then put them up.

A country that doesn’t treat women with equal rights CANNOT be given the same privileges of being able to wipe out nations with a button. If you can’t handle some of society’s basic decisions, you can’t be given access to the tougher privileges. Just like I say, you can’t expect to run a company if you can’t make your bed in the morning. It’s not causation, but correlation is a very strong indicator demonstrating the habits of a human being. All behaviors tie together, creating a processional effect.

You have to prove your worth in the world first, then you get rewards. Not the other way around. We think parents set up too many rules only to come to learn that they knew what they were talking about when we get older. We might not like those rules sometimes, because they restrict our ability to do what we want, but they are in our best interest. We only come to realize it years later.

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