Time is an illusion. I’ve heard Einstein’s quote plenty before but I recently stumbled upon a revelation of sorts.

I’ve explained this concept quite a bit before.
In a 2 dimensional world we can go back and forth and left and right, but not up and down.
So figure 14th street and 2nd avenue.
If you expand that world out to 3 dimensions, now you can go up and down.
So now it’s 14th street, 2nd avenue, and the 3rd floor.
We are locked into the present moment.
Just because we cannot travel back and forth through time, doesn’t mean the future and the past isn’t accessible.
Welcome to the 4th dimension!

Now, figure 4 points.
Point A, Point B, Point C, Point D.
An emotion that we experience at Point A and Point B could be identical to an emotion we experience at Point D.
Let’s say we are currently at Point C in the present time.

We’ve yet to meet the person at Point D who enters our lives, but you felt their presence at Point A, you just couldn’t articulate it or understand what was happening. You chalked it up to be the actual event you were experiencing at Point A, but in reality it was the event at Point D that was taking hold. Your future self and your present self are merging.

It seems that emotions we experience come and go inexplicably and the events are unrelated. But the emotions we experience come at very specific times for very specific reasons.
You also get memories of yourself in certain places feeling certain emotions at specific times.

I remember certain events, where I felt certain emotions at various moments, in the most peculiar places. It could just be that it was hope that was consuming me at a random Dunkin Donuts or by myself in the car…that one day I would experience something in the future, but I literally felt emotions at that time that I would then feel in the future, though I couldn’t articulate what it was.

Hope is just an understanding that something’s going to happen. Events don’t happen when we suspect and they usually don’t unfold the way we plan.

Time just allows us to experience events one by one, so we don’t experience the world all at once, but in another dimension everything exists at once.

In reality, we feel emotions all the time from someone that we’ve yet to meet or something that has yet to take place.

We are in the present, but just because we can’t access the future, doesn’t mean it’s not taking place and shaping your present right now.
Get good at understanding your emotions, because they just might be warnings that something is going to take place in the future that you should be ready for.
I’d love to elaborate more on a one on one call.

Have a great Friday night! I’ll share some more stuff with you on the regular.
-JG Out

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