There are many professional athletes that are so good they can blow away the competition, but because they haven’t fully understood why it’s important to dominate, they never reach their full potential.

You see it all the time. Team 1 goes up by 20 and then slowly lets the the other team come back. Sometimes Team 1 wins, sometimes they don’t, because the momentum carries the other team forward and Team 1 can’t get out of their head.

Here’s why many of you don’t dominate.

When you’re dominating, it feels too easy, and you feel like letting up because you want to make it exciting.

The prevent defense! It prevents your from winning, as my dad says.

Winning is a habit, and unfortunately, so is losing.

Here’s the distinction that ultimately helped me with this concept and I know it would help a lot of pro athletes and you, if you rally absorbed what I’m saying and understood it. You’re not very powerful if you can’t grow the lead.

I’ll give you an example.
I play this game NBA Love Mobile a lot. The game is awesome. You play 2 minute quarters against an opponent. Then, it’s their turn. So you each get 2 turns.

People will challenge me. What I noticed is that I generally only played challenges where I was down in points.

This was a huge revelation.

I wanted to make a comeback. I had a chip on my shoulder and therefore, it made it more exciting (in my mind) than taking on a challenge where I was up by 5 points already.

But this carries over into everything.

It becomes a habit to only take on projects that are challenging and to ignore the ones where you have a chance for exponential growth quickly.

You must find the excitement in GROWING THE LEAD!

To understand your soul’s power is to understand that it requires you to be great.

Just because you are winning against this opponent by a lot and you can put less effort in and still win, doesn’t mean the skill of growing the lead won’t be so critically important to you at some point in your life.

Perhaps you’re going to face an unbelievable opponent and there will be an opportunity in the 3rd quarter to gain a huge lead on them, and had you not grown that lead you would have lost because all of the sudden they start hitting their shots that they were missing all along, in the 4th. If you let up and tried to make it exciting in the 3rd, you would have lost.

You’re not growing the lead to embarrass your opponent, but to prepare for the future and to have that power inside you.

If you don’t have the power to dominate because of your fear that you’ll make someone look bad or it won’t be exciting or they’ll just quit because the lead is too great for them to comeback, how can you ever dominate at any point in your life?

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