We are all addicted. Either we are addicted to family, career, or negative influences such as drugs, sex, and alcohol. Even if you think you are not addicted, then you are probably addicted to balance. We cannot escape this, because once we attach ourselves to an identity of who we think we are, then we go full throttle.

To change your addictions, focus on the identity of who you want to be and what you want that person to be addicted to. This will allow you to transfer your addictions. When you break it down, all addictions come down to either an activity that relaxes you or stimulates you. Whenever you get the urge to get stimulated or relaxed, you reach for this activity. Therefore, we can switch the activity using a substitution reduction technique.

Let’s say you have a coffee addiction. When you get the urge to grab coffee or sugar late in the day, switch it up every other day with another stimulating activity. For example, you can hyperventilate to get some deep breathing in, drink some water, and do 10 push-ups. This will stimulate you. Once your brain links up the idea that something else can stimulate you, then you will be very efficient at taking up new activities.

Again, life is about this certainty/uncertainty balance. If you’ve got too much of the same old routine going on you have to switch it up with some variety to take care of the other side that your brain desperately needs.

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