Every once in a while you deal with somebody who just cannot wake up.

If you have trouble waking up in the morning, this is what helps.

You have to trace back to the time when you made decision to sleep in.

There was most likely a moment, when you had an alarm going off and because you were so tired, it wasn’t worth it to you to get up and risk being tired for the entire day. So what you did is you disconnected your mind from your body. What happened is, you chose for the blaring noise from the alarm to not affect you and therefore, you detached your mind, so your nervous system wouldn’t have a reaction that would jolt your body.

Typically when an alarm goes off, your body moves once your mind is stimulated. However, you could subconsciously or consciously choose to break free where you can hear the noise, but not be affected by it.

So eventually the alarm becomes white noise and doesn’t provoke your body to do anything. When this happens,, your alarm most likely becomes a part of your dream, no matter how loud. The way out is to decide that you’ll reattach your body to your head and I often recommend choosing different sound alarms.

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