When two people get together in a relationship, they are two separate individuals looking at life through their own lens. They are each having their own unique experience even though it seems they are sharing the same feelings, emotions, and connectedness. The quest is to align completely where you eventually do share the exact same experience…but that takes growth.

As much as you think you’re connected as a unit, you are very much having your own experience.

Sometimes there’s friction in a relationship because it appears that we are doing everything we possibly can for our partner, but our partner is valuing something else that we are not giving them. That person must stop looking at the relationship from their perspective.

They literally have to go into the other persons shoes and understand what they value out of life and the future, and figure out what they really desire and need. You might not be willing to sacrifice who are you (in your core, your spiritual soul) to do these types of things for your partner. However, if you want a successful relationship you will have to bend. Bend, don’t break. This means, you must conform to things your partner likes even if you don’t like them right now (they will grow on you if you’re meant to be), but don’t break your moral code, ethics, and things you hold dear to your heart as being important core values.

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