A classic debate is whether you should focus on content that goes viral, morals aside, or whether you should stand true to your beliefs and if people don’t like it, then who needs them as customers anyway.

Well, this gets very complicated.

Do you create an entertaining, but goofy show? Or do you create a very informative show that really impacts people and helps them grow as better human beings?

Do you run instructional videos and walkthroughs and stay true to your serious brand image or do you run content that is currently getting a lot of likes even if it has moral incongruences?

Where do you draw the line?

Howard Stern pushed the envelope. It got him a several hundred million dollar deal, with Sirius.

But what is Howard Stern’s legacy, at the end of the day? What is his relationship, spiritually?
I like Howard. Great, great movie, Private Parts. Would I do what Howard does? Absolutely not. Although I do think he has better reasons for what he does than what most people think, from just the surface.

Bill Belichick’s approach wouldn’t fly with many owners in the league. Robert Kraft trusts him entirely, over the players (maybe outside Tom Brady). Most owners side with their personnel at the expense of the head coach. The head coach has to usually conform to the talent, not the other way around. Bill Belichick’s philosophy of treating the players as cogs and that everything must fit within the system (meaning players are very replaceable), won them 5 Super Bowls, heading onto number 8, and we’ll see what happens this upcoming weekend after next. It’s why the Spurs are so successful as well – Greg Popovich – old school mentality – small market team, domination spanning 2 decades. Now there’s talk some of the Spurs players are at odds with Popovich and his style because it’s very demanding, and not attracting free agents because it’s a hard-work type atmosphere.

See how it can cause conflict?

Here’s how to approach the fine line between content that goes viral and your actual material where you want to make a difference and teach people your craft.

The philosophy behind what goes viral is what’s unique and appealing. Is it new and interesting? Does it capture your interest on an emotional level of someone you want to be or the idea of escapism? Celebrity power is real, because not everyone is a celebrity. Outside of celebrity status (being great at something), you can put out a video that’s “stupid” and it will get a lot of views based on uniqueness. Check out some other channels that have viral posts that don’t sacrifice their moral ground.

Real talent doesn’t get swept under the rug. Maybe a piece of content here or there, but greatness will almost always get discovered at some point.

If it’s something that is all over the internet, it’s not unique….So another how-to video is what exactly? Something they’ve heard before, seen before, and don’t really trust because people pre-frame based on the track record they’ve seen from the person beforehand.

But here’s the tricky part. You can post some goofy thing that has moral incongruences to it, and get thousands of likes. Then, you can argue that because of the likes, you will have more of an audience to see your other content.

There’s arguments to both sides.

You have one end of the spectrum – suck as many people in, regardless of the means.
On the other end of the spectrum – don’t sacrifice your moral ground for anything and if you only get 5 likes, so be it.

The truth is most likely in the middle obviously.

Put out informative stuff that makes a positive difference, but find deeper reasons behind why entertainment exists in the first place.

If you want to be respected as a brand that administers great information and great content, you need the how-to’s. But you need to make the how-to’s entertaining, motivating, inspiring.

You need to tell a story in a compelling way that delivers who you are as a brand, but that also goes wide with the platform in terms of drawing a lot of people in to what you’re doing,

I’ll post a Mastermind Only article that will weigh in on this topic even more. Stay tuned.

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