Beep! Beep! Beep!

You hear the alarm. Most people go back to sleep at this critical juncture. For 10 minutes, sometimes an hour or two. RATIONALIZING!

Its time to rise and grind. It’s time to make this day the best day. Wake your ASS UP. See, You can drift back off to sleep right now only to wake up with this pit in your stomach – called regret – that you failed to follow through on what you said you were going to do yesterday and the day before and the day before. You felt this exact feeling yesterday when you overslept and it’s a pain that lingers all day long because you got behind instead of getting ahead.

Your brain is tricking you when the alarm goes off that you need more rest – that you’re tired. Guess what? You will feel that exact same feeling with 2 more hours of sleep. You know you will. Energy comes from a desire attached with purpose, not rest. If you were getting hunted in the wild you’d move real quick. You can create that trigger of adrenaline at any moment. It’s a choice.

Work on principle, not a feeling. Discipline, not an emotional cue. You don’t need 8 hours of sleep. You condition your mind to believe you do every time you say that. I’ve gone months on 4 hours of sleep with more energy than any of my friends. Energy is not a byproduct of sleep. I’ve gone weeks where I slept 12 hours as well and had less energy. That’s not the input for feeling awake. It’s something inside that brings you to move with deliberation and focus.

Many of you want to leave a legacy! I know that’s your number one desire and yet, the opportunity to get what you want starts with a simple task of waking up early in the morning. Yet, you snooze..

It starts with getting out of bed…and getting on with your life. Living out your dreams instead of dreaming about your life. Rise and grind.

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