Convincing from a low frequency never gets us anywhere.

The universe isn’t teaching you to be a better arguer.

It’s teaching you to rise above the arguing.

I’ve struggled with this concept for years! The only way out is up.

Arguing is going down the vibrational frequency chart.

If you send a message that’s right you won’t feel pain.

Don’t attach yourself to someone getting punishment.
Don’t try to humble them.
That’s not your job.
Leave that to G-d.
I’ve learned from a rabbi that G-d will humble them on his timing and it’s helped me tremendously to know that.
But also don’t wish for humility upon them.
Just understand everyone’s going through their own path and they’ll learn the lessons of life just like you do.
Don’t fear it so much.
There will be a time when you have to intervene, but it will come from a place of feeling right as opposed to something that you should do because you’re angered and you want to release it. Connect with the highest form of thought.

Write it out then wait.

Come back, you’ll realize there’s a way better sentence you can say.
And you would regret it if you wrote it from an argumentative standpoint.

Proving a point is useless with someone with an ego…And we all have egos.

Great, great quote from The Matrix Reloaded.

“Old men like me don’t bother making points. There’s no point.” – Counselor Hamann

Teaching people lessons who never asked for the lesson doesn’t get us anywhere. That’s a form of superiority. Now, if someone is coming to you asking you for advice and/or they’re paying you for consulting services, it’s your job to provide them with some wisdom.

If you’re a parent, you do have a responsibility to guide your children. Teachers to students. Similar concept.

But when there’s no preconceived relationship of someone seeking you out for advice, it’s not really your duty to teach someone a lesson in manners from the place of you being superior to them, even if you know better. The energy you send out is what’s most important, and the person will recognize how they have committed a wrong against you when your energy is that pure!

It’s tough to do, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes!

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