The concept of a business funnel goes like this.

Landing pages, or squeeze pages as they’re called in the industry, convert higher than a typical website because the more calls-to-action, the more confusing you make it for the customer to know how to proceed. While you offer them more options, you typically don’t convert at very high rates because it’s not intentional in terms of leading the horse to water.

When you have one call to action, you are more likely to convert if the visitor is pre-targeted to like that thing.

However, 97% of people will leave the page even if you are converting at 3%. The question is what do you do to capture the information of the 97% of people who leave?

That’s why small too-hard-to-resist offers generally work better. Free books where the customer pays for shipping convert very high. A free PDF where someone types in their email used to work very well, but the incentive dried up because there’s so much content on the web. Physical, tangible products tend to work best!

You need to lead them into a journey. Offer them something small. The reason a funnel works is because you make the money on the back-end assuming your setup is keyed in. You should have email blasts and email marketing sequences to get people to level up appropriately. Not only do people purchase on the up-sells directly in the funnel, but you’ll be able to contact them with promotional materials and back-end offers at different stages of the life cycle.

With my coaching, I can help build this out for you. Typically I like to spend 2 days with someone at their office and build everything out with them on the spot. Hire me for an immersion and I can do this for you!

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