What does it take to be famous nowadays?

A slow and steady climb to the top…or a piece of content that goes really viral, puts you on the map, and you have a tremendous system built out already to capitalize on the exposure.

If you don’t have the system built out and you’re not congruent enough to handle t, you’ll be a one hit wonder. You can still make plenty of money that way, but if you want to stay at the top for a while, you need a system.

For an actor, that means being a great actor and ready to take on the next price t with the same fury

If you’re a business it’s a bit different. It will require a great system meaning you have a nice product line, you can handle the influx of requests, you have the manufacturing and shipping on point, and you can scale up pretty easily without a slowdown. Most small businesses couldn’t handle ten million views in one day.

This is is why many investors tell companies to slow their growth – they don’t want to ruin the reputation they’ve built for themselves.

Eric Thomas largely got mainstream by a video that went viral – succeed as bad as you wanna breathe. But he was built up enough to capitalize on it. Most people could not.

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