I’m a human being. I have problems like you do. I get sick as you saw in my blog post this week. There are days I don’t feel like working. I view my emotions as tests, however. Will you bring it when you aren’t 100%? It’s easy to bring it when you are 100%. What will define you is during the down periods.

Every time I create a video, it doesn’t matter if I’m tired, sick, etc. there could be someone viewing me for the very first time. They don’t know I’ve posted hundreds or I have over 1,000 articles on the internet. They don’t know I’ve sold products to over 10,000 people and I’ve transformed lives from helping prevent a suicide to helping someone drop 100 lbs. of body fat to helping someone create sizable wealth. They could be coming to me for the VERY FIRST TIME! If I don’t bring it then they might write me off forever! Do you understand how powerful that is?!? You can’t shut it off! People don’t see it from the outside how exhausted you may be and you can’t expect them to.

This interview below of Kobe sums it up great at 0:56. This is what separates the Michael Jordan’s and Kobe Bryant’s from the rest of the world. They bring it when they have the flu while other guys are looking for an excuse. When you bring it during the down periods your ups go that much higher whereas if you take off during the down moments you are just going back to normal. Hope this resonates with you!

One more note. Notice at 0:38, Kobe is huddling next to Michael Jordan picking his brain about how he’s so effective at getting his shot off. Always curious. Always looking to learn. Always looking to grow and he models the very best to find out how they do it so he can put it in his arsenal. Most players when they gather around are catching up with small talk, possibly trash-talking, talking about the hot girl sitting courtside, what nightclub they are going to after this… The ultimate difference is in your approach mentally and what your focus is!

-JG Out

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