Get yourself a whiteboard ASAP and start planning on it every morning. I need you to get to know your “Other Self” as Napoleon Hill put it. This is the true self that you constantly compare yourself to. Think about it. You have a voice inside your head who acts as your coach. This can be negative or positive if you don’t really understand it and who you are. Whether you believe in G-d or the devil or whatnot, I do believe that there is one creator who created good and evil through the concept of choice and free will. I believe we have to progress through life, however, that concept also leaves us with the choice to become worse. That choice is ultimately up to us. I do believe that the world is full of more degenerative mindsets at this point though so there is naturally going to be more negativity in most people’s minds. We are a byproduct of all of our inputs. If many inputs are from degenerative people, than of course we are going to have more of a negative coach than positive coach.

Imagine you had a coach that screamed at you on the sidelines saying “don’t take the free throw, you’re going to screw up”. This is ridiculous, yet how many times do you psyche yourself out before that meeting, before starting up a business, or before talking to a girl? Do you believe that anything you touch will be great? See, most people naturally don’t fear certain things but they are petrified of other things. Do you know why I started doing videos? I knew I had to break through some fears. If I’m fearful of it I know that’s the biggest opportunity to grow who I am. I had a natural talent in math. I scored a 710 out of 800 without studying on that portion of the SAT. I know I could have been a terrific mathematician with applying maximal effort, but how resourceful do I become by picking a safety net when something else is scratching at me? I’m great at math, but if I was thrown into a future world where we were playing by a different set of rules and math wasn’t necessary but other things were, then uh-oh. Why did problems come easier to me at 3rd grade than it does for most 7th graders? There’s no explanation for that. I believe G-d is fair. That means that there’s only one explanation. I must have put forth the effort in a previous life. Either that or I am part of an ancestry line that made a commitment to it and we are banded to each other like a unit. After studying thousands of people, I understand that I asked different subconscious questions when approaching math than other people did. I saw opportunity in it. How did that subconscious get “downloaded” to me?

I believe in working on your flaws to be as resourceful as you can possibly be because I do believe we take our DNA with us after this life. Just like water transforms into steam at a certain temperature, everything transforms into a higher self based on the inputs. I’ve said it before. DNA is the currency of the universe. They have done studies that show that mindful meditation actually physically alters the telomeres of genes. I believe that breaking through fears and building up who you are on all fronts changes us on a molecular level, and they will come to discover this many years down the road through science. You must understand that science is progressing and therefore, they cannot have all the answers. I believe there’s a middle ground between blind faith and cynical wisdom. You must take action with what you physically can see and touch, believing that what you do will work out. When you do, you will see how intricate the world is and that everything truly connects.

You will advance your learning like crazy if you get a whiteboard and start asking yourself some deep questions.

If you understand what to compare to, then you are comparing yourself to an ideal of who you can be. This is essentially some form of perfection. You want to tap into this as much as possible. You will be able to identify what you really want out of life, what your purpose is, and who you are on the deepest level. We often look for other people to give us answers, but we truly know the answers if we explore deep within. We can pull out our own inner conflicts if we really dig deep to ask ourselves questions by exploring the parts of us that we find troubling and uncomfortable.

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