From my experience, truth often doesn’t unlock within us right away.

Sometimes it hits you square in the nose, but probably only after you ignored that piece of avice from someone else for years. Then on top of it, for someone’s advice to really resonate within us, we usually have to:

1) respect that person
2) be a person that’s very focused on personal growth; and
3) our mind sort of has to be on track with that particular level of advice and the only way to get there is if our ego is down.

Most people don’t quite have their defensive mechanisms down at that level to receive information willingly from someone close to them.

Perhaps you notice that you’ve told someone very close to you a dozen times a particular piece of advice..and they ignored it or worst, made fun of it.

As the old saying goes, the truth will set you free, but what I’ve noticed is that people need to verify it with proof in the world, mainly through other people they respect. We are all stubborn so we want to see ‘examples’ first. Then, a lot of the times we need to be the ones who came up with the idea, which makes it additionally harder.

It makes us feel like we are on the right path of it makes logical sense within us first, but it doesn’t feel too good when someone doesn’t give you credit for helping them, right?
Knowing that, give credit to others for helping you, and recognize that when you ‘stumbled’ upon a truth, that someone close to you has probably been sharing that advice for years.

I bet you’ve experienced times when someone told you something profound, but at the time you ignored it or thought it was wrong advice. Then, years later it hit you like a ton of bricks and then, that person popped up in your head.

So when someone gives you great advice, acknowledge the fact that they took the time and the energy and effort to not only stumble upon that truth but to share it with you.

And when you give great advice, recognize that someone is most likely not going to take it the first time or second or third time; and you shouldn’t hang it over their head that you are helping them.

Then, your giving is not pure and you are just expecting a reward for giving – acknowledgment – which is really a taking when you examine it thoroughly.

None of us really come up with ideas on our own.
You can’t own a truth.
But acknowledge people who were kind enough to share it with you, and recognize that they probably went through a lot of pain and suffering to come to that conclusion in the first place.

The truth eventually locks within the person you’re trying to get through to.

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