Originally posted on May 21st, 2015.


So some people are probably wondering why I called people out to sign up for my Members Only Site.

The intention of my videos is to always teach. Part of growing is realizing that paid information is 99% of the time better than free information. This is what I’m communicating – to get people out of their way to be open to mediums that will help them grow.

To be someone who you are not falls back on the premise of giving up who you are now. Part of that process is to stop doing what you’re doing. Part of what many people do is search just for free information. I am in the position of giving free information, but it would be stupid for me not to use a free medium to up-sell. Generating revenue is a feedback loop if done properly. You get more resources so that you can be healthy, vibrant, satiated and that in turn, helps you raise the game for yourself and your content so it can be of more value to people. You see the cycle? Apple takes your money and they create a more advanced phone. If they didn’t get your money, there would be no innovation. Innovation falls back on consumers being willing to spend! The idea of keeping your pockets full stifles the innovative process!

This is why Europe is always in financial trouble. They have a different mentality of throwing their money under the mattress. People on Welfare here live in nicer apartments than the average European lives. I studied abroad in Rome, Italy for 6 months. In a fully furnished apartment that was quite expensive (3,000 Euro/month), there was one 20 year old TV with 12 channels, no hot water, a dreadful internet connection where I had to put my laptop on the top of a window sill, no dishwasher, and no A/C. America is in financial trouble as well obviously, but the big difference is that all the clothing manufacturers in China, the car manufacturers in Germany, and the fashion designers in Italy rely on America to buy their stuff. They know very well that we are a very necessary piece to the puzzle. If we go, they go. Switzerland doesn’t produce much other than chocolate and watches. Innovation relies on consumption spending. Saving stifles that process. There has to be a balance, but you can’t keep all your money in your pockets. Our quality of life is way higher than these other countries that have a more “stable” economy. That’s mainly due to the fact that we spend.

I have many clients that are open to spending thousands on me from seeing a free video whereas other people are JUST looking for more free info. It is not because some people have the money to spend and others don’t! False belief. It’s BECAUSE they have learned to part with the money they do have to invest in themselves. This is a mentality that allows you to grow!!! Don’t fool yourself. If you can’t part with 10% of $100 now you won’t part with 10% of $1 Million. You have to invest with what you have now.

Most people look for free information and that’s why most of those MOST people will not increase their finances and get out of “just over broke”. Ever. Because it is speaking volumes to their mindset. Living in a scarce environment as opposed to an abundant one. When you are focused on keeping the two acorns safe you are missing the hundreds you can get by using what you have.

They don’t understand the idea of investing in themselves. For instance, you can save money by not going to school. You also won’t get an education. You must give up what you have now to better your future and that’s a mentality! You can get a quick job but how far will you grow that quick job into a stable career? It’s going to take a delay of gratification.

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