If you feel like in your soul you need to be a good person, then it’s going to take longer to achieve success. Let me explain. If it’s a prerequisite to be a good person, then internally you’re going to have to correct more internal flaws than someone who doesn’t feel that internal pressure.

Let’s say you’re really famous – your world could come tumbling down if you have major flaws that will be exposed once you’re in the limelight and once people look up to you and rely upon you.

So, if you have a lot of internal pressure to be great and you do not want to be viewed in a negative light, you’re going to have to have more congruency to you. You probably need to make sure that you don’t get angered easily, that you don’t do stupid things in public, and that you act with integrity all the time, before you’re going to start seeing a lot of success and making money hand over fist.

If you really don’t care about being a good person, then obviously, it’s easier to achieve, because you have less conflicts that your soul feels you need to correct beforehand. The less internal struggles and conflicts you need to face, the easier it is to take action. However, it comes with a double edged sword. You can rise through the ranks fast but if you treat people poorly, your whole world can come crashing down upon you. The more and more I go through life, I learn that humility is always the answer.

Come back to your soul. Don’t get frustrated if you’re not seeing results as quickly as you want. You’re probably correcting many of the-behind-the-scenes behavior necessary to take you to the top – and stay there. Just improve what’s going on inside your mind and try to treat every dark moment as an opportunity to connect closer to the light – and try to have a positive outlook on life. Instead of thinking you and others will get punished for not being ‘perfect’, start thinking you’ll be rewarded more than you’ll be punished for every word uttered out of your mouth and action & behavior you employ. However, the key to growth is to strive for perfection. Even though it is unattainable, when internal perfection is your objective and aim, it provides for the target you’re actually reaching for and allows you to get closer to it. Just don’t get frustrated you are not perfect – you never will be – though there is a ‘right’ decision to make at every turn if you listen carefully to your intellect and align it with your heart.

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