Why do tests seem so long sometimes?

I do believe life is full of mini-tests combined into one larger test.

The answer to that question is only that life is eternal.

So sometimes tests seem long, and affliction seems unbearable because it’s a test of your heart.

Your character is a piece of the accordion. The accordion is your heart. Life is but a song. How beautiful the music you play will be dependent upon your heart’s intent and desire. Your character is a temporary version of you once you pass some mini-tests. Your heart’s intent will be based upon how many times your character shows up.

It’s long because it needs to be in your core and tested that you’ll do this for an extended period of time.

The very next life being eternal is uncertain, but life is eternal.

So it has to be in you. Not counting down the days, because then it’s not in you.

But deep within your core, for your heart to know not to commit that sin again. It is all a test.

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