Sometimes we feel we aren’t taking as much action as we should be, and we think something is wrong with us.

I usually side with the idea that our thoughts and our brains are helping us.

Maybe you just recognize truth really well.

A very close friend of mine is so brilliant and he is contemplating what his next move should be. He’s been very successful in many endeavors but he truly appreciates a challenge. He feels he’s in a little bit of a rut now because he’s not taking tremendous action like he usually does.

I think we all can relate.

Anyway, my advice to him was that he knows that a lot of stuff he is contemplating is just a dead end trap and he doesn’t want to move forward on something that’s not going to be  fantastic.

Sometimes we are really hard on ourselves when we feel like we aren’t doing enough to make success a reality. We compare ourselves to so many people on social media and think we should be doing something incredible every second or we are failures. Now, don’t get me wrong I believe in hard work and taking action, but taking action without thinking things through is probably just as bad as not taking enough action, and could leave you in a overleveraged position.

I know throughout my life I’ve seen some opportunities come my way and I went through a process in my mind coming to the conclusion that if I go down this path, is this all life amounts to…yes, I can make x amount of money by putting in y amount of hours on z amount of widgets. But is that what I want to do for the next 40 years of my life?

Part of your inaction is just you recognizing that it’s not the game to life and you’re trying to find your sweet spot.

Yes, if I call x amount of expireds and knock on y amount of doors, I’ll get z amount of business and it will scale up in 40 years and it’s like..
Is that what we were made for?

So you might be recognizing to not get stuck in a drain and act on something that might pull you into something that might be another trap.

But the trap is that we need to make a living and we like nice things. My advice to him was to take his time just deliberating on what the next move is but keep spending his hours bringing in the dough for now doing what he was doing.

So the real question is how do you use your time living out what you want to spend your time doing and monetize off of it?

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