Why do we need to set boundaries in life?

Because people take advantage.

Now, most of us in the Western world have too many boundaries set up. We are closed off most of the time and prevent people from entering into our lives. It’s important to recognize where the boundaries you have up that you need to take down, but sometimes the pendulum can swing too far.

Eastern philosophy stresses not hurting anyone. I really buy into the concept of not hurting anyone through words, thoughts, or actions. Thoughts – that’s the real difficult one.

It makes sense to treat others the exact way you want to be treated, and with that should be total compassion and kindness.

We would love for the world to exist as such, where no one argued with anyone else or raised their voice.

In a perfect world, there would be perfect people.

Is the goal to strive to love even when someone hurts you? Yes.

But, they have power that could hurt you before you get a chance to grow to that level that you strive for.

No one on Earth here does the right thing at all times.

Therefore, we have to protect ourselves.

You need to prevent imperfect people from taking advantage of you.


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