The business landscape is difficult to navigate. One common theme often discussed is if you should go wide or deep, meaning do you try to hit as many customers as possible or do you try to bring as much depth to the followers, fans, and friends you do have now.

The simple answer is both.

However, it’s a fine line.

Exposure is the amount of awareness you bring to what you do.

Your business won’t be very large if you don’t bring awareness to a lot of people, and there is so much attention being scattered throughout multiple platforms it’s increasingly difficult to stay relevant in these times. Social media has our attention in a variety of places, brands, and things.

So the next question you should be asking is – how you go deep with a lot of prospects?

Time is an asset, where many people view it as a race against the clock.

You need to leverage your time with your audience.

This can be achieved through podcasts, radio shows, television interviews, books, blogs, emails, texts, etc.

Most people try to preserve their time, when in fact it’s something you need to give freely especially when you’re wanting to drum up business. You need to spend an enormous amount of time communicating to any potential prospect, even if you’re not sharing the same space with them at the same time. What do I mean by that?

Great marketing is almost like a one-sided relationship.

Tony Robbins doesn’t know me, but I know him.

You know Gary Vaynerchuk and he doesn’t really care to know who you are.

Yet, he’s probably helped you and he didn’t care if you followed him, liked him, or listened to what he had to say. He just put out his content anyway and he went as deep as possible in terms of providing value in the allotted time he did have, so that when you absorbed it, you thought to yourself ‘hey, this guy gets me’.

The best marketers find a way to give value with leaving you wanting more. And the only way to do that is to get your attention on something you’re interested in where you subconsciously feel like the other person really could care less if you move forward with it or not.

The moment your marketing becomes about you and what you’re supposed to get from it, you’re starting to lose.

What you need to do is freely leverage your time to the followers you do have while strategizing on ways to make certain pieces of the content you use during that prospect time go viral. You go wide by taking your value and transforming it and distributing it on every other platform you can. Go as deep as you can with the marketing so you help them see you as an authoritarian on the subject matter.

You transform your podcast into 12 blog articles. You transform your book into quotes for Instagram photos. You transform your YouTube videos into a lead capture video course. You transform your client proposal into a marketing infographic you can distribute. Every person is a slightly different learner.

Find ways to add value to your current fan base and then grow it incrementally one day at a time, recognizing that your value can be transformed into different mediums and one of those mediums could hit more than others. And just because something’s not performing well now doesn’t mean it won’t perform well at a different time. Business has cycles! Keep plugging away!

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