Golf has taught me many things about life. The best of which is to always focus on the target. When I was caught up in my head, my performance got worse. When I got out of my head and I started focusing on the target – visualizing on the exact arch of the ball, where it was going to land – I performed far better. So I want you in your life to focus on the target instead of how you are going to do it – the strategy sometimes distracts us because we hold on so tight to how things will work out, that we often neglect the true goal and purpose. How something happens is usually much different than you initially anticipated. You will constantly need to be able to readjust and drop the ego when it comes to formulating the perfect strategy. If you know what you want and why you want it, you are going to be on a much better path to actually attain it. Listen up for some other life lessons golf has taught me and may teach you.

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