So I’ve been working pretty hard for months and months without a break. My body literally just shut down this week. The past few days, I just lied down in bed for most of the day. I ramped up my calories and ate whatever I want. I took off from the gym. There was resistance here from my mind, but my body was literally in a state of exhaustion. It almost felt like Lebron after a Finals game. Not quite, but I wasn’t my normal self. I had severe cramps in my lower back. My legs were super tight. My body had aches. I had low energy. I felt flat and wasn’t super enthused about anything going on work-wise.

My mind kept saying “What are you doing? Get to the office and work. Stay on your diet. Go to the gym.”

My adrenals were probably over-doing it to the point of exhaustion.

My mind was clinging onto an identity of who I am. I’m a hard-worker. I don’t take breaks. My body was telling me different for a very big reason.

We can’t be gung-ho all the time. There is a yin and a yang.

I therefore, listened to just classical music. No pump-up stuff. I did some light reading. I even played some video games. I stopped drinking coffee for a week.

Huge difference in my energy levels, mental outlook, and my body after a few days of doing this.

Your body is such a powerful tool. Listen to it. When you have low energy, perhaps it needs a real break.

My main man Arnold put it best:

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