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Stop Lying to Yourself

Rip Out the False Story

I don’t care who you are. We all have uncertainty that consumes us when taking it to the next level. This comes from a story that you keep playing in your head over and over again. Usually it’s in the form of replaying the past or worrying about the future. It stems from fear. This will prevent you from taking any kind of action. Your body is meeting your brain’s answer with a biological response that makes you drowsy, feel sorry for yourself and unmotivated to move forward.

Set Up an Attainable Blueprint

Precise Direction with Clear Goals

We all have an internal blueprint inside. If I ask you to close your eyes and tell me where you will be 10 years from now, you have a vision. It’s probably a fuzzy gray scene that replays every couple of months. This can be a reality. However, we’ve all been led to believe it’s a fairy tale. Maybe you wanted to start that business in your passion. Most people stifle that vision because of the external world giving the false illusion that it’s hard. This leads to little passion and resistance to make big dreams worth fighting for. We must get the navigational course back on target.

Get a Detailed Action Step Plan

Poor Skillset & Strategy

Learning always starts out at unconscious incompetence. There are things you are terrible at and you simply aren’t self aware of them. You can ONLY understand your flaws by recognizing those flaws in other people (which is a painful process that forces you to change) or having someone from the outside help you with them. Objective feedback to make you effective is essential. This is why all pro athletes have a coach and why all businesses have a CEO. You need someone who is all about you and who can help you steer the ship in the right direction.

You Need a Coach

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Jaret's Techniques

Physical Adaptations

Jaret literally locates and breaks up the neuro-muscular patterns of fear, anxiety, worry and depression that have been bottled up and manifesting for years in the form of physical symptoms. The goal is to release the imprisoned mind/body and free the real you.

Psychological Breakthroughs

Jaret works to help you understand the way you think on a conscious level. Most successful people are on auto-pilot. They don’t even realize what they do. Jaret helps to close the gap between your active mind and the subconscious mind to correct the flawed behaviors.

Spiritual Readjustment

When plugged into “The Matrix”, we forget what the purpose of life is. During that process, we lose touch with our inner soul, our deeper purpose, and our sense of righteousness. I am big on bringing you closer to G-d as I believe no human is complete without that concept of progression.

Compartmentalize Properly

Our brain links up false associations all day long. It’s my job to literally rip out the internal conflicts you have that are keeping the emergency brake on.

Proper Strategy

Let’s create an action plan to reach your blueprint analyzing financials, relationships, health, emotions, spiritual growth, and contribution.

Quick Results

Time is far more valuable than money, right? You can buy many things with money, but time isn’t one. Jaret works to take individuals from A to Z in a fraction of the time it would normally take. 

Jaret Grossman

Jaret Grossman, J.D., (Co-Founder of Muscle Prodigy LLC; Founder of Jarbly LLC) is a serial entrepreneur who has transformed thousands of lives around the globe with his famous 365 Video Series which was originally aired on YouTube. Whether you are a doctor, a small or large business owner, a salesperson, a college student, or anyone in between, Jaret has experience with individuals just like you and he can take you to a world class level in all of your endeavors.

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