I thought about filming out at the University of Miami for this one. This was back in 2015. I used to work out there often. What do you want out of life? Maybe you want a yacht. Maybe you want an amazing mansion. Whatever it is, I want you to be crystal clear on what exactly that perfect life is. Now, I want you to understand that what you think you want is not what you actually want. Temporarily you want it, for something more permanent. Everything in your life that you think you want is really a means to an end. The yacht or mansion will provide you with a feeling that you want. I am not insinuating that you shouldn’t get the yacht. You should! But it’s more important to understand why you want it. The more activities that you bring into your life that focuses on the real end result you want as opposed to the means, the more you rapidly grow and understand your purpose and what life is really about. The more you bring conscious awareness to that “something” that you are fighting for on a deep level, which is deeper than you – the more you will understand your purpose.

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