RSD Tyler is a good friend of mine. He is one of the best communicators in this age. When we sat down for dinner together, we really explored each others’ backgrounds and philosophies. From what I deciphered, the reason why he is so good at his craft is because he’s been through some pain in his life when it came to relationships. In the video above, I give the analogy with wrestling. Me being naturally terrible at it provided me with the gift of breaking down everything into a science that ultimately allowed me to become a 3x All-American.

Owen Cook, who goes by RSD Tyler, is so hyper-aware of everything that goes on between social dynamics and attraction. Because of not being naturally good at this thing, but having a desire to be good at it, it has given him the gift of being able to understand all the subtleties of feminine & masculine energies.

Now, I don’t condone the “game” of pick-up. At one point in my life, I didn’t really understand my own purpose or “objective truth” in the universe, and although I saw a problem with getting involved in relationships that were going nowhere, even at a young age, I didn’t really tap into the understanding of how “casual dating” has some moral incongruences to it. Now, fortunately I can articulate it.

However, RSD, and Owen Cook, provide men with a better opportunity to understand their own personal power. What you do with that power is up to you. You can either use it to deceive, manipulate, or you can use it to attract your true soulmate and grow your love together.

Even if both parties mutually agree and consent to casually date, if you’re not going to be long-term partners, you are still using someone for your pleasure at someone else’s expense (their future partner).

Regardless, most people are sharing quality information. RSD Tyler shares a whole lot of quality information. Even if you disagree with some philosophies, it’s your job to filter out the good from it and the bad from it based on your true destiny and your relationship with the universe.

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