The U.S. Constitution has stood for over 200 years. The meticulous nature of the Founding Fathers’ and the detail they paid attention to words and the carrying through of the document is why it has stood the test of time. You want to build something great? Start with the framework. Get it right first before you build the skyscraper up.

I want you to identify the old framework by which you are living by. “You should fear (blank)… you are not good enough, you can’t handle that personal responsibility, you shouldn’t start that business.” These are the bad thoughts – this is the tyrant playing this tune over and over again and you are going to divorce the negative attitude because that is a limitation, a restraint, a constriction; instead, enter into a world of possibility. You do that by creating a new framework with positive words. You have to rip up those old laws, and you have to forge a new one. You need to forge your new constitution.

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