I used to come to these stairs three days a week to train in the morning before school. This really helped take me to another level, not only physically, but in my mind. It allowed me to understand how to push past the pain barriers and the little voices that tell you you’re tired. Eventually, you tap into a deeper voice that tells you to keep on going and to see how far you can go.

Here’s something I figured out with the help of my mentor Max Bracero….

How can I be better if I am doing the same exact work as my competition? I have to be putting in more time outside of the season, and also during the season I knew I would have to double up my workouts. On Sundays, when everyone else took the day off, I went to Nassau Community College and trained with Matt Giordano and Santo Getz, two guys who eventually went on to win Nassau Counties.

I wanted to push myself to a whole other level mentally and physically because I was committed to improving. So I made a pact, a commitment to myself that I would come here three times a week. 5AM workouts – they were brutal – but it helped me win Nassau Counties and eventually paved the way for me to have a successful college wrestling career. Learn to push yourself, because anyone who is successful does that.

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