Here’s a secret to life – When you do the work you have to do, you get to enjoy and reap the rewards.

While we certainly enjoy the weekends more, we can’t just ignore our happiness during the week either. We should be enjoying each and every day to the best of our ability. Sunday night…when it rolls around, do you get depressed? did a study and took a poll where they found out that 76% of people get depressed on Sunday night because they dread work Monday morning.

You have to understand that if you are depressed Sunday nights, it is a major indicator that you are not thinking properly about work or you might need to think about making some shifts within your job.

Perhaps it’s something as simple as joining a basketball league or scheduling date night with your wife. If you’re getting depressed for the coming week, you have to start scheduling enough stuff so you have enough going on during the week.

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