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Let me elaborate for my special clientele here. If Justin Bieber was just a normal kid he would have self sabotaged his success. How many times do you self sabotage your success? How many times do you live with life on the emergency brake? There is no way you can be “lucky” because you won’t take the opportunity if you didn’t believe you can handle it. Your emotions would be too strong to resist any opportunity. You wouldn’t put yourself out there. You wouldn’t show up when someone asked you to show up at the studio. You wouldn’t pick up the phone, answer the email, or respond to the text. You get what I’m saying? His thoughts were aligned with achieving that success. All of our success and failures are based on an average of all of our thoughts. Something was moving through the kid to believe and think he could handle all the fame and wealth. He believed he deserved it. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be in the place he is at. Do you understand how powerful that is? What kid can handle that?

There’s only one explanation in my opinion. He learned this stuff before. Through working with thousands of people I know how hard significant change is. “A leopard doesn’t change its’ spots. It’s hard to change an upbringing and to rip out roots. No high school kid can possibly process this. Therefore, the only thing I can think of is he learned this in a previous life. I believe we are going through life learning lessons to become complete humans. I believe we all started at the same place. I believe some people are more advanced than others in this race, if you will. I believe the energy you leave will be the energy you start out with in your next life. From science, we know that energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred. Water turns to steam at a certain temperature, so we know that practically everything transforms to a higher self. So if there is an afterlife, that means there is a life preceding the after life. What preceded this life? This might be deep and hard to swallow. That’s why it’s in the higher level thinking category. Don’t enter this section until you’ve really advanced with me on the other sections and have seen all my free videos.

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