If you haven’t watched or read all of my stuff, play catch up before you lose me here, get lightheaded, or call me crazy. You won’t be open to receive information unless you progress far enough. That’s why this is in the Advanced Thinking Category and at the end of this course.

There are two paths to progression.

1) Going through an evolutionary process of pain and suffering to learn that information which you are referring to. Most people learn this way.

2) Actively learning the information yourself to unlock the truth and feeling it in your core, which will prevent you from experiencing that pain altogether.

One of my clients sent me a video that included this information in it:

“Light is information. Darkness is absence of information.”

Very powerful stuff.

Ken Wilber is considered by many to be one of the brightest minds of our time. I haven’t read enough of his stuff to weigh in, but this one is interesting:

Heavy stuff.

Now let’s understand the 4th dimension, time.

Let’s break down 2 dimensions first. Think, 42nd street and Lexington Avenue.

Now 3 dimensions. We can travel up and down, so think, the 14th floor on that grid.

4 dimensions would be entering that place at a different period of time.

We live in a 3 dimensional world, meaning that we are a prisoner of the present. We haven’t figured out time travel yet.

If we can travel in and out of time, that means that the beginning is happening now and so is the end. We just aren’t experiencing it at this moment.

Now, is there a beginning and/or an end. I believe it’s a circle. A ring on your finger has no start and finish. It keeps going around and around. That’s for another topic, but time is what allows us to interact with the world.

If you have never seen the movie Lucy, it’s explained pretty well in this part:

Let’s now understand the timeline of the universe in terms of creation.

A single celled organism was the start of it all, right? –> That was either created by G-d and/or it’s taking us to become a creature that is immortal as the concept of survival of the fittest explains.

If we have increased the life expectancy of an organism by this much, it will only be a matter of time before we figure it out. It may be hundreds of thousands of years or millions of years, but the species or a species (not necessarily human) will evolve to cure disease and prevent aging of the cells.

If dogs create dogs and humans create humans. If there is a g-d would he create g-ds?

This is crazy talk. But wait.

Your parents gave you life, right? You were a child and you grew into an adult and eventually become a parent of your own.

Perhaps we are children in this time space continuum in terms of consciousness and development.

Here’s progression of a human being that Tony Robbins has stated:

1) Mastering your own emotional state
2) Influencing someone 1 on 1 to get them to change their state
3) Influencing a group of people
4) Influencing them without even being there

Tony probably knows what I know at a deeper level through his development, but he was communicating it in the way that his content can scream through videos, audio, and training people to pass on the work for him.

I’m telling you to open your mind and understand where the path is: to create self sufficiency through a designed concept. If you are a good parent, your child will grow up and do very well for themselves without you being there to hold their hand and walk them through it.

This is what Earth ultimately seems like it is.

Following this line of thought, the progressionary path is to one day become a creator who can delegate and who doesn’t have to be there to help a world run.

You have one set of parents down here. You will never be your parents, but you will be parents of your own.

I believe in one creator who set this up to progress further than a human if righteous enough.

We know that you are in a constant state of comparison with who you can be. What do you think that is though?

All roads lead to Rome. Some will take a long, drawn out journey. Others will take a quick straight path.

Your ultimate quest is spiritual light, which will come from doing the right thing.

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