There is no such thing as an opportunity or threat. If the stock market crashes, two people will see different things. One will see devastation. Perhaps they lost everything. Someone else made a boatload off of shorting it. So, events happen. How we perceive them is up to us. During that process, we go through a series of subconscious questioning.

Usually we just feel a physiological feeling. It’s a response that takes place based on the step we consciously skipped. This step consists of a series of questioning that our subconscious mind asks about the event. Start to control those thoughts. Why am I feeling this?

You are usually asking a question that will funnel into the idea of what will go wrong. Your brain is meeting your answer with a fear based response that prevents you from taking action. You feel it as a threat. You are worried with anxiety about what you have to do to prevent the situation. Your fear will win out and you rather not do the activity than lose something by doing it (embarrassment, rejection, failure, etc.).

Instead, ask how can I do this right? How can I achieve this? When you do, your brain will find answers to those questions. Eventually it will become automatic. It becomes a habit where your brain automatically asks the right questions instead of the wrong questions. Right now, the brain is automatically asking the wrong questions. Start to consciously control those questions and it will become ingrained. Inner conflicts are based on the story we are telling ourselves, which are attached to our limiting beliefs.

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