We are all poor communicators! That’s why we have the problems we do. When people feel hurt or bothered, they partake in crimes. Even petty arguments are a result of poor communication.

That’s why liberals fight conservatives. That’s why capitalism fights communism. That’s why poor people hate rich people and vice versa. That’s why the US has so many problems with the Middle East. Life has polarity. We have love and fear, truth and false, light and dark. While they are opposites and separate, they form togetherness. Not sure if you caught me there.

If either didn’t exist we couldn’t experience the other. Matter can only be seen because the empty space gives the matter meaning. So emptiness has its own meaning that’s just as vital.

The middle-ground is what forms the togetherness though. Science dictates that matter all came from a thimble. The big bang separated matter. Therefore, all of our thoughts, ideas, and expressions are just fractured parts of that whole. We all have fractured parts of the truth. We all have a tiny piece of the information.

What I’m getting at is that you are a poor communicator because you have the whole inside you where you understand that middle-ground, but you just can’t articulate it because you are wrapped up in so much emotion and carnal desire. It’s what also creates the beauty of life in this form.

We like to blame the polarity, rather than owning up to the fact that we have to work towards the middle. While it’s frustrating because we are so caught up on fixing things, it also gives life the excitement. So you have to bask in the polarity and express yourself in between it.

Life is about honestly expressing yourself. It’s about removing the layers of fears, doubts, insecurities, perceived judgments, and trimming the fat to let the real you shine. A bird doesn’t care if you like him or like her. It’s not about expressing yourself and waiting for a reaction. It’s about stepping foot forward first despite the reaction from other people.

In order to communicate what’s moving through you effectively, it’s about properly categorizing the results you want removing your ego driven wants in that process.

Whenever we feel bothered by something it’s one of two things: 1) We are hooked at the idea of what that represents; or 2) There is a damage to our ego

Hurt comes from a sense of loss (loss of identity/respect/etc) which then turns into anger/resentment and then turns into depression because we numb ourselves around those people instead of expressing ourselves honestly. We don’t want to communicate anger through tone, but we want to express when we are mistreated why we are mistreated.

When you get in a fight with someone, it’s always important to remember to separate the intent of a human being from their behavior. Actions aren’t always representative of a person’s soul and that must not get confused. Always try to remember that when you choose to work with someone, they are your family.

Part of you is looking for an apology from this person. You may never get it. You are going to be the one who has to free yourself from it, not him/her.

You feel betrayal, but don’t falsely link up what’s going on. We usually funnel our emotions down to 10 words. Write down the real ones you are experiencing. There are over 6,000 emotions in the dictionary. Find the real ones you are experiencing. the truth will set you free.

Here is a tip. You know you shouldn’t receive unconditional support from anyone, so explore why certain instances bother you specifically. When presenting your point of view, do not bring in irrelevant topics and things from the past when arguing with someone. That’s just resentment boiled up from a previous encounter where you didn’t express yourself honestly.

Expressing yourself is about communicating the idea you feel in an articulate manner that empowers another to change their behavior, not blame them.

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