Everybody can sprint really fast the first time. You have a lot of energy and a lot of fight in the beginning but then what happens?

You start slowly going to get tired, and the next one that you do, a little bit more exhausted. Eventually, the fifth one you are going to start feeling that lactic acid burning and are going to want to quit. But who is out there treating the fifth one like the first one? Who can sustain the long haul and lose very little speed throughout each sprint. Sometimes it does take pacing, but more importantly, it takes mindset.

This is why most football teams that perform well in week 1 don’t end up in the Super Bowl. This is why teams that have an 8-0 start often don’t finish that way. Every once in a while, you get a special person who actually is determined to beat their time from the first sprint on the last sprint, even when they’re tired. This is about being built for the postseason.

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