I said in one of my old videos: “2 + 2 = 4 in this sphere, whether you want to believe it or not”.

The world has absolute truth. It’s not based on your beliefs.

People claim themselves to be a certain religion. Now here’s something that is going to boggle your mind a little.

Did you choose your religion? You were born into it most likely and I’d suggest you were born into that family and location for a very deep purpose, but did you consciously choose it?

Choosing it would mean you studied all religions and chose the one that felt the most right to you.

So follow along with me. How much is innate inside you and how much is learned? I’d suggest it is 50/50.

Now here’s the tricky part. If someone removed you from your biological family and put you in one who followed a different religion, would you adopt the new religion or would your heart call out to your biological family’s?

This is mind-blowing.

A child is very malleable and most of your core principles are formed in your beginning years, but I’d suggest you have a innate calling as well.

While my parents could teach me a religion to follow, I’m not identical to them and can assure you that you don’t follow everything that you were brought up with. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree, but my parents didn’t teach me to enter this profession, for instance. I would have remained in law.

So it’s not just learned. There is an innate calling.

Now you must combine what’s inside you with a conscious awareness of choice.

I am in a quest to find absolute truth. I believe some religions have it more right than others, but all have part of the truth and a lot has been lost in translation. Names have been jacked up. Translating it into different languages messes up key fundamental words, locations, meanings, and ultimately, you begin recognizing the truth that many of the stories are not real.

That doesn’t mean that religions didn’t get some of it right or have good intentions, however, it does mean you cannot believe everything you read and that means from the religion you are in.

This will eat at your ego, but you have to question every fundamental tenet of your religion, not from the place of cynicism, but from the place of acquiring the right information.

For instance, I don’t believe an all-wise G-d disintegrated people because they looked at him in a particular way he didn’t like or required people to stone someone to death for a crime that didn’t fit the punishment. After research, you will find that the story of Jesus is eerily similar to Mithras and Horus. You will find that the Epic of Gilgamesh is similar to the story of Noah’s Ark.

When you hear groups like Free Masons and the Illuminati, truth is exactly what they were on a quest to find. I believe they started out with very good intentions and there was a lot of truth in these organizations. However, like anything else that is around for hundreds of years, things are going to get jacked up. The wrong people get in it and they distort the information for their own selfish reasons.

The idea is to prescribe to the religion of truth and you will have to do much of the research on your own and piece together the puzzle. Our ancestors left us clues. Part of my mission is to find that, piece it together, and give it back to you people.

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