Got this email from a client this morning. It means the world to me when people send this stuff in to me.


We share a lot of the same views on the world in regards to the matrix and how it’s going to fall on the shoulders of the unplugged to “save” the world, if you will. What I mean by that is the few will have to save the many, not by uprooting the system though. Careful deliberation and tactful procedure. People are plugged in and don’t understand the way the world works. A lot of this is because of the traditional educational system, which socially conditions the “cog in the machine” mindset. I, for instance, was a “problem child”, not easily bound by the laws of the classroom. This got me in the principal’s office quite a bit. My mother would have to come pick me up at school more times than I’m proud to announce. However, there’s something valuable in understanding someone who doesn’t necessarily take things for just “the way they are”. I was very curious and I had a hard time sitting still. Listening to someone in the front of the class is quite boring, especially when you are removed from any interest in the topic.

How do you get good at the piano? You don’t learn “this is E sharp”, “this is D Flat”. That’s a very quick way to get disengaged. I took up piano because I wanted to learn a song that moved me – Moonlight Sonata. I was hooked because I got obsessed with the idea of wanting to play a song that I loved. I was able to learn it because there was enough emotion there. After the emotion fades, then that’s when discipline carries in, but you have to have the initial emotion to take something up in the first place. Then, you can revert back to the feeling of what that was like in your mind to keep it going.

You will be curious to make life easier for yourself by understanding “I’m pressing the same key in this song as this song..what is this” – then you learn that this is E sharp and D flat. Understand the difference? You must take up things that interest you. Then, you are hooked to get better at it and you keep raising the game for yourself with more advanced topics. You must see some rewards first. It’s almost like they make us associate learning with pain, not pleasure. Completely backwards educational system. I mean I don’t remember one class teaching how to balance a checkbook. Funny how the academics are running politics and we’re in, oh wait, $18 trillion of debt.

This “getting told what to do” mindset feeds into corporate America. Cog in the machine. This feeds into the mainstream media’s tricks. Most people do not realize they have the most fundamental gift ever – choice. You can choose what you want to do. Unplugged people are dangerous because they threaten and undermine the system.

The system needs to be changed, but not overthrown. It is founded on certain universal laws. Hard work and a climb-the-totem pole approach is still preached through the system. That’s correct! Life has a cost! Getting what you want takes hard work! It’s just been mixed with a bunch of coercion and corruption as well that allows for corporations and big-wigs to be shielded because they are TIGHT with the cats in Washington. This makes it very hard for hard working entrepreneurs to “make it”. The self-employed small businessman and businesswoman work the longest hours and get taxed the most. That “system” is what needs to change.

This is not OWS!!! An Occupy Wall Street Movement gets it TWISTED. We don’t take from a certain group of people and just spread. That’s called socialism. Wealth distribution is a severely flawed concept. We create proper incentives that reward hard work, but we don’t just give everyone equal wealth! People’s habits are not equal!

I’ll write a book on all this one day, that the “awakened” will catch onto.

Anyway, enough of my rant. I helped Mr. Client up above revitalize his life. We set a visual goal 9 months ago. He drew up a detailed vision of the house he wanted to live in. He just closed on the exact house we visualized in detail this week! THE POWER OF VISUALIZATION! Not law of attraction, people. Real goals coupled with a detailed movie of how it will play out coupled with intense massive action towards it! That’s the formula for success! Period!

P.S. He says yah yah yah as a joke because my thick New York accent and shall I say brash attitude comes out once in a while on the phone.

-JG out

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