Let me explain depression and anxiety really quickly for you. Most psychologists will tell you that depression is focusing on the past and anxiety is focusing on the future. Those might be the symptoms of what you are doing but that’s not the root cause. If you are focusing on the past or future, it is signaling you to do something in the now. That’s all you have control of. It is like the warning light on your car. It’s either telling you that you used up a lot of gas previously or that you will run out of gas very shortly, depending on how you look at it. However, the only thing you can do to remedy the problem is to pull over and fill it up with gas.

Depression is because of too much certainty in your life. Anxiety is because of not enough certainty in your life. You will feel flat if you don’t have enough things going on outside of your normal routine. On the flip side, you will feel totally stressed if there’s not enough stability in your life.

So what’s the cure?

Well, in simple terms. If you are suffering from depression, you must insert variety and increase stimulation to experience something that signals hope for you. This will not be done by thinking about it. You must actually experience something new, whether that’s hanging around new people that jumpstart you, experiencing a thrill like skydiving, or starting a business you always wanted to. Don’t think about how that’s useless, just do and it will grab you.

If you are suffering from anxiety, you must be more structured and have some more order in your life. If you are stressed out, it’s because you are really unsure of what’s about to happen to you next. We need variety, however! If we had just certainty, life would be one boring book. You’d know every outcome. However, you have way too much uncertainty whether it’s finances, relationships, health, etc. Of course you’ll be stressed if you aren’t sure if you can make the rent money. Start working some more hours and live below your means for a while to create more structure in terms of finances.

It’s a certainty/uncertainty balance. That does take a little bit of time, but less than you think. To get immediate relief from the symptoms, there are techniques I use with my 1 on 1 clients which are basically dealing with physical manifestations of the matters of concern.

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