As you probably noticed, I haven’t posted a video in a little while. The purpose for this is three-fold.

1) I need to develop my skills as a writer. Just as I forced myself to do a video a day, I am forcing myself to write to become better at it. Here, I will pick up on how to cut the fluff, how to be eloquent yet not snobby, how to honestly express myself, and how to deliver truth without offending people. This is a learning process for me as much as you.

2) Many people don’t read. I’m trying to reverse that. I’m giving you information in little chunks that are easy to digest and I am compacting a lot of information in short posts so you gain some pleasure with the idea of reading again. Schooling is obviously extremely valuable and necessary, but they go about it completely wrong. They force books down our throats that we have no desire or interest in reading. We associate massive pain with reading as a result. Reading and writing are incredibly fun when you start learning information you’re hooked on and start expressing yourself through the written word so you can articulate what you are feeling.

3) I’m a little sick of making videos for now. That hunger will come back again. I did close to 500 videos in a little over one year so I’m a little burnt out in that department. I always noticed in wrestling that when I took a break from it, I came back better because I came in with a new perspective and a clear mind. Dan Gable always says that he wishes he could wrestle now, because when he stepped away from it as a wrestler and became a coach he saw things that he didn’t pick up when he was in it. When I return to videos, I will bring forward a reinvented version of myself that will hopefully emanate off as something better.

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