This very knowledgeable fitness guru Paul Chek said something very interesting in a video in regards to diet that caught my attention. He is under the methodology that your diet should change on a day-to-day basis solely to meet your needs. I understood an idea of this, but never really approached my diet quite like he articulated. Bodybuilding and fitness circles always preach about having the same meals over and over again. Consistency wins right?

Well, Chek is under the impression that every day is different, and I happen to agree now that I’ve pondered on it. For instance, Chek says that when you work out, you need to up your protein with animal meat. However, when you don’t workout, you probably should up your carbs and go vegan that day.

The body is so intelligent. Whenever I do work out, I always crave animal flesh, specifically, red meat. When you workout with weights I always get less of a craving for carbohydrates. Makes total sense that your body is craving what it needs to replenish. When I take off from the gym, I crave more carbohydrates. Makes sense because that is the body’s primary energy source. There’s something very real to what Chek is saying.

Check is also under the school of thought of having more live food as opposed to dead food. Makes sense. The closer in time the animal, for instance, is in your system from being killed, the more alive it is. You might be wondering, how can food be dead. Well, just consider that the longer the food stays out in the open, the more it decomposes and rots. Therefore, the longer the shelf life, the more nutrients are lost. Makes total sense, right.

I will experiment with this and let you know how it goes.

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