Blind faith might seem kooky. Too much wisdom where you look for facts only, just makes you cynical. Truth almost always lies in the middle. Find the middle ground. Gather information based on what you can see, feel, and touch. At some point though, you will have to go KNOWING that you cannot know all the information. It requires that special sauce called FAITH to believe that there is something behind the scenes working for you not against you. There have been so many times in my life that I was so scared to take action because I didn’t have enough data, not realizing that as soon as I took action it got propped up by something magical. The Indiana Jones metaphor is just so perfect.

It is funny to me how people think they will find G-d exploring into space and they say he must not exist because we can’t see him. These are bright people, mind you. Ask Stephen Hawking and Neil DeGrasse Tyson if they believe in G-d. I probably don’t believe in G-d the way most religions do either, but I do believe the world is way too intricately designed to think this is some random cataclysmic explosion we call the Big Bang. If you know science is still growing and you know more information than you did 100 years ago let alone a year ago, than what will you know 100 years from now that you don’t know now? If we understand that there’s such thing as progress, that means we cannot possibly obtain infinite knowledge. If limited knowledge does exist than wasn’t it created and therefore, doesn’t unlimited knowledge exist somewhere? If darkness exists, that must mean that light necessarily has to exist. There is opposition in all things.

If you were certain a higher power did exist though, wouldn’t that eliminate that whole concept of faith or the fact that this could be a test?

I’m pretty sure G-d created space if he had the capability to create Earth. Good luck finding him there.

-JG Out

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