Friends will come and go in your life. Family is yours forever. It’s your most precious gift and it can be your greatest challenge. They will charge you up more than anyone on the outside possibly can. If you learn to influence them and be received by them, it speaks to who you are.

Tony Robbins said this quote: “Love your family, but choose your peers.” It is so difficult to get our family members to change or hear what we are saying. We are in the same level of life as them and they send off a similar vibratorial frequency. However, as you change your flaws, the flaws you recognize in your family members will go away and you must continue to change your approach to get the results you want if they are truly flaws you don’t do yourself. If you can overcome those hurdles, you will unlock the greatest growth within you. I believe you were born into your family for a very deep reason and it will contribute to your growth and their growth.

And my client is now a friend btw. Freudian slip!

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