You are going to be afraid of your destiny. You are going to be hesitate when it comes to accepting your calling in life. Understand that the constant comparing is just signaling you to take action and become better at what you fear. When you take action in that direction, the fear will go away.

You don’t have to take massive action right away, but you have to take a tiny step in that direction. Perhaps you’re afraid to cold call. You don’t have to start cold-calling 100 people to get better at it. Pick up the phone and call an old friend that you haven’t talked to in a while. It’s a baby step, but watch the anxiety of the big obstacle start to fade and become much more like a hill as opposed to a mountain.

Once you do this, you obviously keep building the momentum by taking tiny steps in the areas that fear you. The fear simply means you’re not resourceful enough. You might fear public speaking. You don’t have to talk in front of 10,000 people but maybe it’s alerting you to be able to talk in front of 4 people. 10,000 is very do-able after a short while once you realize it’s a similar game, but you have to take a step in the smaller game first.

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