What is the number one thing we want to fix? Poverty!

Here is a wonderful article explaining just that:

Marriage drops the probability of child poverty by 82 percent.

I believe that the number of babies born to single mothers in this country just crossed over 50%. Usually the mother bears the responsibility of caring for the child and the father chooses to be in the child’s life, pay child support, or neither.

How can a mother raise a child without the father in the life? It takes two not only for financial reasons, but we cannot possibly grow into the strongest person we can be if we only see life having a role model that is estrogen or testosterone dominant. Both men and women need to learn compassion (absorbing) and aggression (extending) from both parents.

This statistic has to change immediately!

Second, is informing individuals in poorer communities to be self sufficient. Speaking in generalities, wealthier parents teach their children that they can create their opportunity while poorer families teach a system of reliance.

Most government aid programs are designed by politicians not to help people, but rather to keep people satisfied with just enough so that they shield the elitists from never being touched. You falsely think they are helping you by propping you up, but they are only feeding your mind with a false belief that you need to rely on someone else.

Elitists view a wealthy middle class as threatening to their wealth. That’s why they go so hard at professionals with taxes. People who strive to do better such as small business owners, and especially doctors, get slammed the most with regulations.

The University of California just passed some insane rules that eliminated ridiculous statements. Their intention is to create a level playing field for all. Like the Babe Ruth analogy I gave you, you don’t empower people to grow by telling them what they don’t have, can’t do, or by hurting people who do well.

Do you think this phrase implies race in any way?
“America is the land of opportunity”

Somehow UC believes it implies that “People of color are lazy and/or incompetent and need to work harder.”

What about this phrase?
“There is only one race, the human race”

UC believes it is offensive because it denies “the significance of a person of color’s racial/ethnic experience and history”.

Where is our country going?

Read this article when you get a chance:

If I play a story to myself over and over again that America sucks and that I don’t have opportunity because of the color of my skin, what do you think I am telling myself?

I am thinking negatively of myself and my circumstance. You think that helps me? I’m pretty sure Muhammad Ali did the exact opposite and recited “I’m the greatest!” over and over again until he ingrained it in his brain to really believe he was the greatest. I’m telling you to be positive. Even if there were a slight lack of opportunity, me focusing on the negative doesn’t increase my quality of life.

Self sufficiency, empowering thoughts, and having a tight knit family bond is the road out of poverty.

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